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?CCcam™ ALL Versions Download

ALL Version CCcam Download  

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Script downloads CCcam.channelinfo and CCcam.providers and… auto Update every day

CCcam.channelinfo and CCcam.providers and Update every day.     This script downloads latest files SoftCam.Key AutoRoll.Key oscam.keys CCcam.channelinfo CCcam.prio CCcam.providers ip2country.csv   auto Update at 00:00 every day Copy the file in /var/etc/script and chmod file 755   Insert this line in the file crontab ( /etc/crontab ) 00 00 * Read more »

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? AutoRoll.Key , SoftCam.Key, – DOWNLOAD/ Daily Update

AutoRoll.Key , SoftCam.Key, – DOWNLOAD/ Daily Update         CCcam Key Files SoftCam.Key AutoRoll.Key SoftCam BBC SoftCam IPM SoftCam TRT SoftCam IDMAN/AZTV SoftCam ITALY SRVCE SoftCam ESPN TRT ESPN BBC IPM TRT DMAN/AZTV ITALY SRVCE MgCamd Key Files SoftCam.Key AutoRoll.Key Camd3 Key Files camd3.key Read more »

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